PERVALERT: The world’s first perv-themed restaurant

Seriously folks, how can we keep letting Japan be ahead of us? They have restaurants BASED ON PERVING! Screw Planet Hollywood!

Check it out:

Welcome to Tokyo’s first schoolboy cafe, the latest in a flurry of eateries in Japan where customers and waiters role play themes from manga comics.

In keeping with the schoolboy theme, waiters with manicured hands and soft voices pretend to be teenage students, chatting and flirting with well-dressed Japanese women playing the roles of benefactresses visiting the school.

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One response to “PERVALERT: The world’s first perv-themed restaurant

  1. vlad

    this is nothing new. there are grilled meat restaurants where the waitresses wear short skirts and no underwear and the customer’s drinks are placed on high shelves above them. there are also cafes which cater to women where the waiters dress as butlers. and similar establishments for men with maids, not to mention hostess and host bars which is a whole other level of this kind of stuff.

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